When you put together an awesome vehicle, the tires are a really important part of the total package. We want to thank our friends at JZM Tire for partnering with Combat Iron Conversions for this year’s big giveaway to benefit Sheep Dog Impact Assistance. They are a dealer for every major wheel company and golf cart accessory manufacturer–plus they handle auto repair and checkups. We couldn’t do what we do without their generosity.

One of the coolest things about doing the work we do is getting to partner with some fantastic sponsor companies to create the awesome packages we give away to support deserving nonprofits. One of those companies is Tiny Camper Company LLC, which specializes in creating handcrafted modern teardrop trailers with a vintage look that’s equipped with modern technology. These trailers are small, lightweight and easy to tow behind any vehicle. Check these inspiring and adventurous folks out at https://www.tinycampercompany.com/.