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Small Emplacement Excavator (SEE) FLU419

The Small Emplacement Excavator (SEE) is based on the Unimog FLU-419 (also called FLU10144), modified by Freightliner Corp. (Charlotte, NC) for US military specs (FLU = Freight Liner Unimog). With the SEE specific equipment it is known as the Model 419-101. Procurement by the USMC and US Army began in FY 1985, following success with the Unimog 406 based J.I. Case MB4/94 in an evaluation program. Freightliner got an initial order for 922 vehicles. Fielding to the US Army began in 3Q 1988. Freightliner received the last SEE contract in January 1989 for 491 vehicles. Approximately 2,500 vehicles were brought into the US military by the mid-1990s. The Small Emplacement Excavator (SEE) life cycle officially ended in FY 2005, but vehicles remained in inventory until about 2010.

The SEE — sometimes called See-Tractor or See-Trac — has been deployed widely with the US military. It has served in the Gulf War, Bosnia and Kosovo, Operation Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan among others.

Small Emplacement Excavator (SEE) Description

The SEE has been fielded to provide a highly mobile excavation capability to support combat operations in the forward battlefield, especially in a light forces deployment. The SEE facilitates rapid deployment by external helicopter sling and internal airlift. It can self-deploy in convoy with combat forces at up to 45mph on hard surface roads or, with limits, off-road.
The formal nomenclature for the SEE is: Model No. FLU419 (or FLU10144) Tractor, Wheeled, 4×4 Diesel Engine Driven (DED) Small Emplacement Excavator (SEE) with attachments. The NSN is: 2420-01-160-2754. Manuals for the Small Emplacement Excavator are numbered TM 5-2420-224-xx where the xx represents the maintenance level.

Small Emplacement Excavator (SEE) Characteristics

Engine Unimog 110hp OM 352, 346 cu in. 6cyl, 4-stroke diesel, direct injection
Overall Height 102 in. (2.60 m)
Overall Width 96 in. (2.44 m)
Wheel Base 93.7 in. (2.39 m)
Turning Circle Diameter 35.8 ft (11.7 m)
Angle of Approach 40 degrees
Angle of Departure 32 degrees
Ground Clearance 18 in.