Combat Iron Conversions was formed by a group united in a desire to help nonprofits focused on and directly engaged in the work of helping people. We select nonprofits that share our same passion for serving others and we work to advance their causes by doing what we do best. Our skilled team works to conceptualize and build one-of-a-kind promotional vehicles to raise money for our partner organization while bringing visibility and public awareness to their mission. This is our unique way to give back to deserving nonprofits while bringing our own team the enjoyment of building awesome vehicles.

Combat Iron Conversions is proud to announce that Sheep Dog Impact Assistance is our current nonprofit beneficiary. Founded in 2010, this amazing national nonprofit’s mission statement is “To provide a civilian framework through which trained emergency and military personnel extend their service to society; to assist our neighbors in times of disaster and first responders and military in times of hardship; to respond independently, efficiently and strategically, achieving the greatest impact possible.” The Sheep Dog Impact Assistance motto is “Helping others is a way of life” and they bring this to life through disaster response, Outdoor Adventures to support both mind and body for their clients, and holiday assistance programs. With 20+ chapters and teams in 15+ states, and more than 5,000 members, volunteers and supporters nationwide, Sheep Dog provides continued service opportunities and outdoor adventures which offer physical challenges and the camaraderie that is often missing after a shift or tour of duty ends.

We encourage you to learn more about Sheep Dog Impact Assistance and its mission to engage, assist and empower the men & women who make up our nation’s military, law enforcement, fire & rescue, and EMS professions – society’s protectors, our “Sheep Dogs.” Please visit their website at

The Ford Raptor promotion runs now through the date of our drawing on March 15, 2021.

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